Tbilisi’s only authentic Mexican food! Over the years, Mexican restaurants in Tbilisi have come and gone, struggling with low demand from locals unfamiliar with Latin American culture and lack of ingredient availability, but El Maridaje is finally the real deal. The chef is from Mexico, but don’t expect exactly the same cuisine as what you would find in Mexico and it’s certainly not United States’ Tex Mex, but the ingredients are fresh and the menu is unique for the city. If you’re craving some sabores latinos (Latino flavors) – definitely check it out.

El Maridaje is located on Abashidze Street in the trendy Vake neighborhood. The restaurant is small, really just a smidge more formal than hole-in-the-wall with its low pallet furniture and bar seating. Prices are good for generally expensive Vake, but portions are modest. Not that there is much competition, but El Maridaje is definitely the best Mexican food available in Georgia.

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41 Abashidze Str., Tbilisi, Georgia


(+995) 593 12 06 08




Daily 11 AM – 11 PM