The number one culinary experience when you're in Batumi has to be the regional specialty acharuli khachapuri. If you're looking to get serious about the hot, doughy, ooey-gooey cheese boat that is acharuli, Cerodena is the place to go. Almost every cafe and restaurant in the Adjara region serves their version of the dish, but Cerodena is one of the best in Batumi - a long time local favorite. 

The cafe itself is a classic diner - fast service, two floors and an outdoor patio packed with unpretentious white tables and chairs, a long menu complete with photos of the food, and a noisy kitchen with a big, open order window. The closest thing you'll find to a New York City diner in Georgia! 

The menu includes basic 'European' dishes like burgers and meat patties as well as Georgian favorites. The prices are very reasonable, and the cafe is family friendly (they even have highchairs for young children). It's a great place to pop into straight from the beach, sweaty and sunburned, to inhale a simple, delicious meal. The central location, right next to 6 May Park, makes the outdoor tables a great spot for people watching as well!


Additional Info


4 Melikishvili Str., Batumi


(+995) 558 311 803